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Useful Site November 11, 2009

Posted by Scott in Extra.

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been busy with school and fighting in endgame. My alliance has a WW at the highest level, and we are about to hopefully win the server.

But anyways I want to recommend you to this site.
It is a blog about Daniel’s life and other stuff, but a big part of it is about Travian. This guy knows much more than I do about this game and offers a very useful tips and information, I learned a lot from it.
Not only does this guy offer free 1 on 1 Travian help over skype (google ‘skype’ for more information), but sells 3 ebooks. They range from learning the basics of travian to how to start an alliance and lead it to the top 20 of your server (With interviews from real alliance leaders who lead top alliances)
This guy and his site offer everything obvious tips that not many people would even think to do to incredibly smart tips and hints on how to be a great sucessful player.

and check out his ebooks today!



Avoid Negative Crop October 1, 2009

Posted by Scott in Information.
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Negative Crop is creating a HUGE problem for me on one of the many servers I play on. I built far too many troops to help my alliance win a war, and we won, but I am at around -13,000 crop per hour in my capital, which is a 9 cropper. I have 3 support villages, but together they only create about 8000 crop per hour. So that leaves 5000 crop that I have to send away from my other villages, raid, or trade for, every hour. I have gotten myself into a dead end, the only real way out is to kill troops. So learn from my mistake and avoid this.


Youtube and other news July 6, 2009

Posted by Scott in Information, Tips/Hints, Travian.
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Hello Everyone!

For the fun of it I might be creating a YouTube account. I’m still figuring out what to post on it so just be patient.

In other news, I want everyone to check out http://travianchampions.wordpress.com/, its quite interesting. In my opinion, more informative than the .com forums.

One of the tips I am including in this post is how to get into an alliance. It seems simple, but there is more to it than you may think. Here are some tips-

1. Correct English. An application like “hey can i pleez join ur allaince” is much more likely to be turned down than an application such as “Hello, I was wondering if I could join your alliance. I am a relatively experienced player with a well sized army. Sincerely, your name.” This tip seems obvious, but I still get messages like this all the time.

2. Be Nice. When they reply with an answer, whatever it is, be nice about it. If they say “Ok, your application is being processed, please wait a few days we will have this all sorted out”, don’t say “Oh come on man quit being lazy jerk you can freakin invite me right now”, or something along those lines.

3. Lie. (a LITTLE bit). No huge exaggerations here. If your population is 500, and you have 400 troops, it might be ‘ok’ to say you have a 1:1 ratio of troops to population. As long as you don’t say you have a 2:1 ratio, you should be fine… Keep your little lies to yourself and don’t make them too big, otherwise your new alliance will find out.

The second tip I am giving you is one you would not normally do but it is more helpful than you think.

Say there are 3 raids coming to your village. You have 50 phalanxes. They are all raids, so obviously there are no catapults. (You can determine whether an attack is a raid or not by going to your rally point and look at ‘incoming troops’) And even if there were catapults, they don’t fire in raids, so there is no point. If it is a raid, DODGE THE ATTACK. Go to the search engine on this site if you don’t know what dodging the attack is. If it is just a raid nothing will be destroyed, and there is no point in losing troops. Just don’t forget to make sure your attackers don’t get resources.

Have a Nice Day and happy raiding

For those big Travian addicts… July 5, 2009

Posted by Scott in Extra, Fun.
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These are for intense Travian addicts, such as myself 😀 By the way I didn’t make these I just found them.








Have fun! I think the first one is my favorite. Which is your favorite? Also if you have any feel free to leave the link in a comment.

Plans for Rapid Expansion June 15, 2009

Posted by Scott in Information, Tips/Hints.
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Here is a plan that I devised that you should use if you suddenly feel the need for a lot more villages, another one every 3-5 days if culture points aren’t an issue for you and you put enough effort into it. I’ll guide you through in steps. Also, this is assuming you have what I mention below, otherwise it won’t work in 3-5 days.

#1. Pick a ‘Support Village’. This village needs to have at least 1500 production of wood, clay, and iron and around 700+ of crop production for you to be able to start from scratch in a new village and have another one in 3-5 days.. If you pick a village with 300 an hour production this plan will take far longer than 3-5 days.

#2. Say you’re trying to get another village, and you only have your capital and a 2 pop village that you just founded. Obviously, it will be far, far cheaper and quicker to just build a level 10 residence in the new village than get a level 20 residence in the old village.

#3. In your new village, build a warehouse and granary so that they hold 9600 units of each resource. This is mandatory to level up the residence and train settlers, plus you’ll have to do it eventually.

#4. Start building the residence in the new village. The reason you can get a new village so quickly is because you can send tons of resources from your capital so you can have 8000 wood, clay, iron, and crop in a village with 6 production per hour. Do this, and level up your residence as quickly as possible.

#5. If you have a level 10 residence and it has been 2-3 days, you’re doing a good job. Do the same thing and send tons of resources from your capital, except train settlers instead of leveling up the residence.

Advantages of this:

  • Leaves a level 10 residence in each village so it can’t be conquered right away.
  • Leaves lots of warehouse and granary space in each village, which is never a bad thing
  • Its quick! You can get 2 villages a week if you really work at it!!!
  • Disadvantages of this:

  • Slows down the growth of your capital
  • Lots of planning of when your shipments will arrive and when your settlers will be done, which can get annoying if you’re terribly unorganized, like me
  • Enjoy, and my expansion plan is working quite well for me, try it out!

    Clustering and Village Specialty June 2, 2009

    Posted by Scott in Uncategorized.
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    I have 2 very good tips for you. First off, is Clustering your villages together. You might not know what I mean when I’m talking about it but I’m sure you’ve all seen something like this.
    By the way I didn’t take that picture I just found it on google images, Thank you to whoever took it.
    Who would settle a village next to a cluster like this without asking permission first?
    Also, this makes your villages grow much faster and you are able to defend them much easier. It is easier to make a village grow when it takes 2 and a half minutes for merchants to get to it than if it takes 12 hours. Also, reinforcements arrive quickly so they are easy to defend.

    The second tip I have to give you is making a village purpose, or specialty. Many players, both experienced and non-experienced make the huge mistake of building every type of soldier in one village and trying to get them all fully upgraded. Doing that will lead to fully upgraded troops later in the game rather than earlier. For example, you might build a scout village. Roman scouts take the most clay, so you would try this in a 5 clay village. Here you would build 2000-3000 scouts. If you scout someone with 3000 scouts, they will be scared out of their mind. Another good idea for this is to build a village with assault troops, such as your tribe’s best offensive unit and lots of rams and catas. Also you might build a cavalry village and a defensive village. This is a somewhat complicated tip and will require some planning on your own, but will be worth it in the end.


    What is an Oasis? March 24, 2009

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    An oasis looks like a small mountain, forest, clay pit, or cropland. Sometimes two of these will be combined. If you conquer one of these you get a 25% bonus on a resource, depending on the type of oasis you conquer. If you want to conquer one, first, you’ll need a hero, and a hero’s mansion level 1. A common misconception is that the level or the hero himself and the level of his mansion are related. They are not. You can have a level 40 hero and a level 1 hero’s mansion. The level of the hero himself has to do with his power in battle, and the level of his mansion has to do with how many oases you can conquer. (Level 10=1, Level 15=2, Level 20=3) Also remember that if you want to conquer an oasis, you first must make sure it is in your 7×7. You can’t conquer an oasis 30 tiles away.

    How many troops do I need to conquer an oasis?
    This varies. There are usually more animals to kill in a crop oasis. But you can calculate the exact number of troops you’ll need by going to your rally point, and then using the combat simulator. Be sure to get the exact number of animals, and make sure you entered the types correctly. Now, once you know how many troops you need, and you have a level 10 hero’s mansion, you can start training troops, if you don’t already have enough. A tip that I can offer is to not send your hero along with your troops until there are only a few animals left. If you send your hero in all the raids, he could die, and it is expensive to revive him. I would only send him on the last raid, then the oasis will be yours.

    The Natars February 17, 2009

    Posted by Scott in Natars, Tips/Hints.
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    Here is what I found on http://help.travian.us

    Just remember, the Natars are a purely NPC tribe and cannot be played by oneself. (If you’re human, you can’t be a Natar)

    The time has come
    Now that the days shorten and the nights become colder the people in Travian realize that the end of this age is near. The fading stories of glorious battles and pompous buildings of past ages were everything that would remained it seems. But the people decided that this should not be the way this age should end. A wonder should be build, a building of infinite greatness and power. This wonder of the world shall unite the inhabitants of Travian. Sadly, however, the knowledge about the glorious wonders of the world was now lost – taken into graves by now long dead ancestors. Just before the people lost all their hope, fate guided their attention to the ancient tribe of the Natars. That tribe which already outlasted many ages and bloody battles might still own some of the construction plans needed for the wonders of the world but an eerie and eldritch sensation seemed emanate from them and it shouldn’t take long until….

    The tale of the Natars
    Once upon a time, long before the Romans invaded Travian the now free tribes of Gauls and Teutons were enslaved by the Natars. The Natars were a very peculiar tribe which would have been long forgotten, if it hadn’t been for the tales still being told by wet nurses and old crones.
    The Natars once ruled over all of Travian and in all their power and cruelty they had an all-embracing knowledge about the elemental forces which would never be surpassed. Only little is known about this tribe, only a single eyewitness’ report survived the past ages. This report description of a “Golden City” tells whoever bothers to read it about a glorious temple located in the center of the city , a wonder of the world of indescribable greatness and power. Also one says that there are secret and arcane places where these temples can be erected. Places where the wisdom and knowledge of the Natars might be found to once again enslave Travian.

    The Natar’s plan
    However, the Natars have plans of their own and want to enslave the free tribes themselves by constructing a wonder of the world. But whoever erects a wonder of the world in their stead will achieve the ultimate goal of uniting Travian in a world of peace and unison.
    In the end one will see whether the free people of Travian are able to fulfill this daring and glorious deed. The stories of the future, will they be about the valiant alliances or the eldritch Natars?

    If you want even more information, see https://travianguide.wordpress.com/2009/02/04/what-exactly-are-the-natars/, or google ‘Travian Natars‘ and see what you find.

    Very Helpful Travian Tip-Set Long Term Goals February 6, 2009

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    I find that one of the most helpful things you can do in Travian is to set goals. Short term goals, won’t really help you, but long term goals can improve your ranking and resource production by a lot.

    Examples of Short Term Goals-

  • I want to build 10 legionnaires.
  • That is a goal, but a very weak one. It won’t take you very long to get those 10 Legionnaires, and once you do, they aren’t going to do a lot just by themselves. If you make that goal 300 Legionnaires, that is a long term goal and 300 Legionnaires will come in very handy.

  • I want to increase the level of one lumber, clay, iron, and crop resource field.
  • This is better than the first one, but it still isn’t good enough if you want to win. If you’re increasing a resource field from level 5 to level 6, you’ll get 17 more of that resource per hour. This can be helpful at times, but if you want a long term goal it should be much bigger, such as increasing all your resource fields to level 7. That will make huge differences in your military size and resource amount.

  • I want to join an alliance to stop getting raided
  • This is yet another goal, but one you can accomplish in 5 minutes. A better goal would be to join an alliance, and get your alliance into the top 100 in the server.

    Some Examples of “Too Hard” Goals-

  • I want to increase all my resource fields to level 10, train 500 Legionnaires, 600 Praetorians, 300 Imperians, a level 10 hero, conquer 3 oases, get 1000 population, build 2 more villages, and get my ranking into the top 100.
  • There is no way you’re even going to be able to remember all this, let alone do it. If you’re actually going to try all this, take it step by step, and don’t start working on one goal until you’ve finished the previous one.

  • I Want to be ranked #1 in my server
  • This is simply just too broad a goal. There are so many elements and factors determining this, and you will need to work on those individual things first.

  • I Want to build a level 100 wonder of the world and win in my server
  • You have no idea how many troops you will need to defend your wonder of the world when you are building it to level 100. You will have to endure literally sleepless nights, hundreds of attacks each day, and tons of stress thinking all day “Oh no Oh no my wonder of the world might get catapulted to death!”

  • I Want to buy Travian Plus until Endgame, and use the advantages to win!
  • If you are not Bill gates, go to the next goal. That will be quite expensive in real-life money. Also, once you buy it, there is a no refund policy, and even with all the advantages, you can still have your village(s) catapulted to death… and then you wasted a lot of money. If you’re actually going to do this, buy it week by week, take it very slow. DO NOT buy all the gold you’ll ever need at once.

    Some Examples of “Just Right” Goals-

  • I want to Train 100 Defensive Troops to keep my resources safe
  • This is a good, ideal amount of troops. They will be able to keep your resources safe against most attackers. Be prepared to replace them though.

  • I Want to Upgrade my Praetorian’s armor to level 20
  • This is an expensive, but possible goal. You’ll be able to do this over time, how fast depends on your economy.

  • I Want to research catapults
  • Many players don’t have them yet. They are a very useful, slow, and expensive weapon. They are very possible to research and you should definitely research them if you plan to be successful in Travian.

    Well, that’s all you need to know about setting good long term goals in Travian.

    Another Travian Crossword February 6, 2009

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    Again, this is me being really bored 😀
    You will have to print it out to actually do it. To do this, click on it so its the only thing on the page, then go to file>print or whatever it is on your computer.