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What is an Oasis? March 24, 2009

Posted by Scott in Tips/Hints.
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An oasis looks like a small mountain, forest, clay pit, or cropland. Sometimes two of these will be combined. If you conquer one of these you get a 25% bonus on a resource, depending on the type of oasis you conquer. If you want to conquer one, first, you’ll need a hero, and a hero’s mansion level 1. A common misconception is that the level or the hero himself and the level of his mansion are related. They are not. You can have a level 40 hero and a level 1 hero’s mansion. The level of the hero himself has to do with his power in battle, and the level of his mansion has to do with how many oases you can conquer. (Level 10=1, Level 15=2, Level 20=3) Also remember that if you want to conquer an oasis, you first must make sure it is in your 7×7. You can’t conquer an oasis 30 tiles away.

How many troops do I need to conquer an oasis?
This varies. There are usually more animals to kill in a crop oasis. But you can calculate the exact number of troops you’ll need by going to your rally point, and then using the combat simulator. Be sure to get the exact number of animals, and make sure you entered the types correctly. Now, once you know how many troops you need, and you have a level 10 hero’s mansion, you can start training troops, if you don’t already have enough. A tip that I can offer is to not send your hero along with your troops until there are only a few animals left. If you send your hero in all the raids, he could die, and it is expensive to revive him. I would only send him on the last raid, then the oasis will be yours.



1. antihero - May 31, 2009

what happen to the animal on the oasis when we obtain the oasis??
do they dissapeared?
Scott: To conquer an oasis you have to kill all the animals in it, and once you conquer it they will not come back. But if you kill all the animals in the oasis but do not conquer it, then the animals will come back. Not all at once though, it will happen over time. One day 20 rats might come, the next 20 bats, whatever it happens to be.

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