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Just a Few Quick Tips January 10, 2009

Posted by Scott in Tips/Hints, Travian.
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  • Build a Cranny and get it to level 10 as soon as possible. Believe it or not this will actually decrease the number of attacks on your village. If raiders see that they have to spend a bunch of resources to attack your village, but they aren’t getting any resources from it, then they will see no point in raiding you.
  • Don’t think Scouts are not important. Scouts are very important when raiding. They can see everything in a village, and unless there are no enemy scouts in the village, your enemy will have no idea if he’s being scouted or not. If you can, always scout before attacking.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Never send only 1 soldier to raid. Even if the target is a 2 population village HE WILL GET KILLED. Don’t know if there’s an explanation for this, but this is how it works. So if you’re willing to send soldiers make it a team of at least 2.
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  • Bashing: Crushing the Small, the Weak, and the Unprepared. In other words, attacking someone constantly so it’s impossible for him or her to grow.
  • Catas: Short for “Catapult.” Catapults are very powerful (And expensive) weapons that can destroy random buildings and troops in your village.
  • Cranny: This is probably one of your most important structures, and any village that’s going to keep its resources after beginner protection needs one of these. They hide your resources from raiders.
  • Farms: This refers to a village that someone else attacks and “farms” (raids) for resources. You don’t want your village to be a farm, so build up some defenses and a cranny! Usually the inactive villages near you are most vulnerable to “farming”. They will always keep on getting more resources, so active players who simply raid them enough have an easy source of resources. If you have an inactive player near you, well, you know what to do….
  • IGM: In Game Message. You can send messages to other players. Thankfully they aren’t like merchants and soldiers and don’t take a time length to get to the village depending on how far away it is.
  • Scott