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    Advantages and Disadvantages of the Teutons-

  • Plunder bonus: the cranny of enemies only hides 2/3 of its content.
  • The earth wall is almost indestructible, but only gives a minimal defense bonus
  • Merchants can carry 1000 units of resources (speed: 12 fields/hour)
  • Very cheap and fast trained troops which are excellent plunderers
  • Weak defense
  • Merchants carry 1000 total resources each, and their speed is 12 fields per hour
  • The Teutonic Troops Quick Overview-
  • the-teutonic-troops

  • The Teutonic Troops-Details and Images-
  • The Clubswinger-
  • clubswinger-overview

  • The Spearman-
  • spearman-overview

  • The Axeman-
  • axeman-overview

  • The Scout-
  • scout-overview

  • The Paladin-
  • paladin-overview

  • The Teutonic Knight-
  • teutonic-knight-overview

  • The Ram-
  • ram-overview1

  • The Catapult-
  • catapult-overview

  • The Chief-
  • chief-overview

  • The Settler-
  • the-settler-teuton-overview

    In a quick overview, I personally think the Teutons are actually the worst tribe. They have very weak defense, so it will be really hard for them to keep their resources safe. The Teutons are going to lose almost every time they are attacked! And without any resources, their army will soon die off. Then they won’t be able to get anything from raiding people. You won’t get anywhere as a Teuton unless you are a very experienced player. And even if you are an experienced player, you won’t match the Gauls and Romans, because they can keep their resources safe and will be able to build up a huge army.



    1. michael - June 21, 2009

    This is wrong spears are the best inf vs calvary in the game paladins are awesome at defending against infantry, you just have to know the tribe to play them , im teuton and currently in top 20 defenders on a server (did it on my own without an alliance)
    Scott: Yes, spearmen are better at defending against cavalry, thats true. But paladins eat 2 crop per hour. If praetorians ate 2 crop per hour, their infantry defense would be 130. Considering crop production, praetorians are the best defenders in the game. Also paladins are roughly 2.5 times more expensive than praetorians as well.

    2. nat - July 19, 2009

    but you forgot something club cost 220 overall and legionaires cost 410 overall cost so at the start when there is no cavalery they are not that bad in defense for it price
    Scott: That may be true, Roman troops cost more. But when you think about it, you’re getting 5 defense against cavalry here, and only 20 defense against infantry. That’s pretty bad. Clubswingers do not and can not defend anything. Anyone who uses them to defend needs to make some major changes… And after all, legionnaires have 35 defense against infantry, and 50 defense against cavalry. I actually use legionnaires as cavalry defense to some extent.

    3. nigel - July 26, 2009

    Nice setup here. I was thinking… those Paladins get 100 defense against infantry. Now factor in level 20 upgrade through the armory and you’re looking at 130 defense against infantry. Divide that by 2 and you’re looking at 65 defense… that’s on the level of a Praetorian.

    It may take a bit to get there but wouldn’t that give the Teutons the best overall defense in the game if you get strong enough? The server I’m playing on has 15 out of the top 20 players as Teutons.

    You factor in the Teutons fast start and there’s no doubt you can hit those levels.

    I’m a Roman player right now but I’m thinking about using the Teutons later.

    Scott: I see the math there, but there are some major factors that really make a difference here. First off, you’re talking about a fully upgraded paladin vs. a praetorian with no wall and no armor. Second off, paladins are far more expensive and eat more crop than praetorians (and Teutons can’t get the horse watering trough). Third off, paladins take longer to train. You’re right, if you do a ton of work, your defense as a Teuton can match a Roman who does not do any work at defense.

    The beginning of the game is the Teuton’s biggest advantage. They have such cheap troops its easy to raid with them a lot. If you started playing as a Roman, its hard to get used to a Teuton. Legionnaires just aren’t the same thing as Clubswingers.

    nigel - July 28, 2009

    I think there are many factors involved here. Plain and simple, you need to dominate at raiding to take advantage of the Teutons.

    While yes, infantry defense is the key to defeating a Teuton, you can say the same about Romans and Calvary.

    With the Teutons, you’ll be leveling up a paladin (which would be equal to two unleveled praets– close in resources, equal in crop consumption). With the Romans, you’ll be playing catchup with your Calvary defense and leveling your Legos. And like you said with the Paladin and Praets, a fully upgraded Lego doesn’t equal a fully upgraded Spearmen.

    So you’re talking rock, paper, scissors. Teutons can send knights and Romans can send infantry. So what’s another factor? Time. Paladins win there. Both in time to train (50 min as compared to 36:40 for each Praet; remember they equal 2) and speed when it comes to reinforcing your empire. Paladins are easy to move back and forth.

    A strong Teuton player can launch a good defense. It’s a matter of being a successful raider. They gotta get that good fast start.

    Romans are powerful. Just gotta make it without becoming a farm.

    Either way, lots of variables in this game.

    4. braliukai - December 9, 2009

    Teutons are best troops in this game: cheap and attack is powerfull. Untill you will start to fear slow roman – it will reach half of server and if you are not noob – till then you will take care about your own defence. and if you are top dog – roman cant compare with you on any stage of the game
    2nd thing – raids. And here is no doubt that germans are best.
    Scott: I disagree. Clubswingers are excellent raiders but other than that they are terrible. They cannot defend at all, so in the early game if a Roman attacks you as a Teuton, well you’re dead. Teutonic troops are generally cheaper but weaker. This also makes crop consumption a huge problem for Teutons. I would rather have 10 strong, efficient troops than 50 cheap, weak, and inefficient troops. Romans can easily beat teutons if the two players have the same amount of experience. All the Roman really has to do is not just defend themself, but attack the Teuton.

    5. Manthan - January 25, 2010

    yeah teutons is good for beginers and those who say teutons sucks.i
    say them try that.when they try they get surprised teutons is the best.

    yeah teutons is good any complaints scott i will answer ya

    Scott: Never said you can’t be successful as a Teuton, just said in my opinion they’re not the best tribe.

    6. Petter - February 3, 2010

    I am not agreed with ur point of view. if u look at the top 10 there is allways like 70% teutons. even though i prefer gauls. the teutons may be the hardest tribe to drive trough in midgame but when u comes longer in the game and early in the game they’re best. they raid and defends good against cavallery. they raids good as hell and therefore is so badass in the start that they easy rules the area. but at the point the gauls get the tautons they will fall back a bit. but if they cranny up they would easily beat the gauls back easy.

    Scott: Teutons are not the best in endgame. Teutons are better at the start because troops are cheap and inefficient, which is exactly what they need to be at that time. A good roman player can be unstoppable in late game.

    7. Petter - February 3, 2010

    and scott remember that to have “10 effective” units instead of 50 sucking makes ur farm horrible. they cost the same overall. but the 50 will get MUCH more rescourses wich makes them build up and get alot more troops. therefore teutons are the best race ingame as long as you are pr0 enough

    8. devark - May 31, 2010

    hello!! do you know what are you saying teotoun raid first and get bigger no one attacks them because now they are bigger once they get pal they crush all

    9. josephrey - January 1, 2011

    it’s not a matter of tribe, it’s a matter of teamwork.. not a single player can completely dominate this game without the help of his allies and defenders… but i believe that infantry are the best defense while cavalry units are the most efficient/flexible troops…. it’s a matter of speed, luck, experience and perfect timing!!

    I’ve been playing this game for almost 2 years and I always use the roman tribe.

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